The Craftsman

The Craftsman.


Throughout my life from an early age I have always had a great interest in woodwork, having grown up around my family who were self building our family home, and around my grandfather who is a cabinetmaker, I began to learn from an early age. My grandfather seeing my interest bought me a box of hand tools for my 8th birthday, and kindly taught me  many things about the craft.  I started woodworking at the age of 8 years in the garden shed, and learnt many of the basics from that age.    From the age of 16 I started labouring for a building firm, and then shortly after I started a carpentry course at college, this progressed onto an apprenticeship with a joinery firm who kept me busy for 3 years. I left the Job having gained my apprenticeship certificates with a distinction, and gained valuable practical skills to match. Then I set up my business. 11 years on since setting out to be a carpenter I look back and it fills me with pride to look through all the fantastic jobs I’ve done. Now with all those skills concentrated upon the production of traditionally built vertical boarded doors, I look forward to many more years of providing quality products, with thanks to all my customers for the employment.

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